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" Relevant Knowledge " win32 infection

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    " Relevant Knowledge " win32 infection

    I have Alwil' Avast anti-virus on my desktop PC, and I ran a scheduled boot scan in Safe Mode a week ago. The results displayed "Relevant Knowledge " Win32 infection, along with the following options: Repair, Quarantine, Delete, Ignore. Who would ignore? In this instance I had to click onto ignore, as none of the other options would work; A prompt came up saying that the infection was in a Windows Archive, did I really want to delete? when I clicked yes, nothing occurred. It is in a place that Avast can't seem to reach. There were more than that one; In fact, there were so many, I just kept my finger on the option " yes to all " for a few minutes.
    I thought that it could be a " false positive ", so I wrote to support, and noone there has a clue; I googled it and discovered that the culprit is " Market Score " so then I remembered that months ago, in an effort to acquire some stuff from " Disney ", I think to create a new desktop theme, that I clicked onto to something which seemed innocent enough, but then when everything began installing, I stopped it, and cleaned the puter, or so I thought.
    My iexplorer boots me off when I surf for more than a few websites, then I have to run all my progs to clean the puter just to surf again, so I just downloaded mozilla. I originally had iexplorer 8, went back down to 6, to repair, then back up to 7, nothing I tried has helped.

    I ran all the suggested scans, my own anti-virus, AVP Tool, Dr. Web " Cure It " the AVZ & HJT. I will submit the ones that this forum initially wants.
    A few minutes ago while perusing through program files, I noticed a folder " Relevant Knowledge " did not touch it.

    I am running Windows XP Home Edition, SP3

    Thanks you guys for any help that you can give me.
    NOTE: a.n.a. [Kaspersky] AdWare.Win32.RK.j, Adware.Win32.RK.k, Trojan-PSW.Win32.LdPinch.atp, AdWare.Win32.RK.I, AdWare.Win32.RK.m, AdWare.Win32.RK.k
    [McAfee] Proxy-OSS
    [Other] Spyware.Marketscore, Win32/Crulket.A, Program:Win32/Marketscore.gen

    Jennifer a.n.a. phantomportangel
    Последний раз редактировалось phantomportangel; 17.09.2010 в 03:27. Причина: discovered information about it that Kaspersky is familiar with

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