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" relevant knowledge" win32 infection

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    " relevant knowledge" win32 infection

    I am presently running Alwil's " Avast anti-virus 5.0.677 " on my WinXP Home, SP3 PC. During a scheduled Boot Scan, a win32 infection notice came up in the results, with options to either quarantine, delete, repair, ignore etc; I tried each one, of course to no avail, as the prompt was " infection in windows archive cannot access ".

    I thought of Kaspersky, and decided to see what could be done. I just ran " Virus Removal Tool ", which I downloaded in " Safe Mode with Networking ", a complete scan, including C:\ drive, nothing significant there. I am not convinced, as my iexplorer keeps booting me off, and I finally had to download Mozilla' Firefox just to download this software. In googling the " Relevant Knowledge " it comes up that I must've ok'd something through the company, which " google " says it " Market Score ".

    Note: the windows scan with " Avast " came up Clean, as did the extensive scan with Kaspersky', the win32 infection only shows up in the " Avast " Boot Scan, and since it prompted that the Windows Archive where it was located was inaccessible, I could not put it in quarantine, therefor cannot upload anything yet there.

    I have tried everything on the browser, reset, uninstall, go down to ie 6 from ie 8 to repair, then upgrade to 7. Same problem. I can go to sites a few times then get booted off the browser; In order to be able to surf again, I have to run ccleaner among others, reboot and start again.

    I am back in windows now and ran the " Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool " in "mannual Detection ", and have a log file.
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