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System Protection is missing on my system page

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    System Protection is missing on my system page

    I purchased a new Dell Inspiron with Windows 7 last week. I have had multiple problems for the past year with someone being able to access my computers and change all of the admin settings. When I purchased this computer I had them take off all trialware and install Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 before I left Best Buy.

    The same problems are happening on this computer. A lot of my admin settings are changed and grayed out so I am unable to change them. I did download avg4, hijackthis and the Kaspersky virus removal tool. I am having trouble turning off system restore. The setting for "system protection" is missing off the System page.

    I also noticed as soon as I ran the avz4 tool WINWORD.EXE was running in task manager and the log was changed within 2 minutes. It also started having me save the documents to a "$Avz2001J" ext instead of a "txt" and I am unable to change that as well. I see avz4{1} running in task manager numerous times, so I went to file location. It took me toTemporary Internet Files> Content.IE5>VJZv32ap. (I just noticed This folder contains images but with captions like "get content" "go back" etc. I do have the log files open still but I do not know if they have been changed, and I am not sure if I am supposed to include them in this post?

    Also, I have a bunch of new disks drives and this seems to be coming from Google updater, Java and Adobe. Adobe I think is a place where my system is somehow being backed up to. Also Kaspersky and the logs are listed in my control panal settings? Can anyone help me with this?

    Also Kaspersky Internet Security is not working at all anymore
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