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Sality, Malas Wrm Infection in one folder

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    Sality, Malas Wrm Infection in one folder

    OS: Windows Vista SP2

    My avast antivirus software keeps detecting recurring instances of a Win32: Sality virus, along with Malas.B [wrm]. I scanned the infected files with an online Kapersky tool, and it said they were infected with P2P-Worm.Win32.Malas.r.

    The virus manifests in the public folder. Scanning the infected files, Dr. Web CureIt found:

    SexScreenSaver.exe;C:\Users\Public;Win32.Sector.5; Cured.;
    SexScreenSaver.exe;C:\Users\Public;Win32.HLLW.Asal am;Deleted;
    SexScreenSaverlib.exe;C:\Users\Public;Win32.HLLW.A salam; Deleted;

    I've been getting these types of messages every other reboot for a month or two now. I've scheduled boot-time virus scans with avast, and used other anti-virus programs in safe mode (superantivirus, ad-aware, malwarebytes, kaspersky virus removal, dr.web cureit) without successfully detecting anything. Even stranger, most antivirus programs, upon scanning the infected files, do not detect anything.

    I tried to do a full system scan with Dr. Web CureIt, but during scan prep, my computer blue screens for half a second, and restarts. It did this three times already.

    Nothing else on my computer seems to be affected. I do not notice performance issues, and it only seems like the virus appears in one place, the public folder.

    I know the prevailing advice is to reformat and reinstall, but I want to try to avoid that. This virus hasn't damaged anything yet, I don't think.
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    Последний раз редактировалось mchen37; 14.07.2009 в 18:57. Причина: Adding AVP system check file (manual cure)

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    You should go to your friend that have uninfected computer, download from him and create an antivirus on CD, then boot your system from this cd ( For exp. http://www.freedrweb.com/livecd/ ) and make a full scan.In this case, i hope, you will not get a blue screen

    Something wrong with application data folder, perhaps just vista bug or some application did cause this mysterious thing.
    Please clean system with ccleaner ( http://www.ccleaner.com/download/bui...ading-portable ), make log with gmer(http://www.gmer.net/) , and download at my signature special avz, create log virusinfo_syscure.zip with it.
    Remember to disable your antivirus before lunching avz, lunch with right click-> Run as administrator.
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