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computer infected by trojan

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    computer infected by trojan

    It might cause by vicious website, not sure.
    At first, my IE cannot launch anymore, when I tried to create shortcut, normally it'll save to current user's desktop but it was going to somewhere else. I've tried to kill with TrendMicro, Avast!, ewido, and of course my default Norton didn't find out a thing. And then Kaspesky. With Kaspersky I tried in safe mode, it didn't allow me to install because it said I have serious problem. Then I tried to use Virus Removal Tool 2010, tried one time in safe mode, 2 times in normal mode, they all started with "disinfect active threads" and stating those viruses will be killed after reboot. But it didn't. If I start with Virus Removal Tool , it'll show again and again, as if it's never worked. Now my IE can launch after I removed it and reinstalled it, there are still pop up took up all my screen, and sometimes ie still acts funny like all of a sudden it logged out ... :-(
    I've attached system info and hoping if this would work otherwise it seems to me format the computer and reinstall is the final way to go ...:-(

    thanks ....
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