Hello, I have Kaspersky Internet security 2010. I ran the scan and it shows that i have 9 infected objects. Some are viruses and some are trojans. Below it says "Disinfect all" yet the option is not clickable. It is dimmed to where i cant click it.

So I googled on how to delete them and it brought me to the kaspersky site in which i downloaded a tool called kaspersky virus removal. The autorun was running slowly so i clicked the manual disinfection.

It guided me to run a scan, collect the information the scan gave me of the results, and to post here in the forum for analyzation and that someone would help me to remove the viruses and tell me how to.

The results gave me many things so im not sure which to post but overall the results were:
Main script of analysis
Windows version: Windows (TM) Vista Home Premium, Build=6002, SP=""
System Restore: enabled
Latent loading of libraries through AppInit_DLLs suspected: "C:\PROGRA~2\KASPER~1\KASPER~1\mzvkbd3.dll,C:\PROG RA~2\KASPER~1\KASPER~1\sbhook.dll"
>> Services: potentially dangerous service allowed: TermService (@%SystemRoot%\System32\termsrv.dll,-26
>> Services: potentially dangerous service allowed: SSDPSRV (@%systemroot%\system32\ssdpsrv.dll,-100)
>> Services: potentially dangerous service allowed: Schedule (@%SystemRoot%\system32\schedsvc.dll,-100)
> Services: please bear in mind that the set of services depends on the use of the PC (home PC, office PC connected to corporate network, etc)!
>> Security: disk drives' autorun is enabled
>> Security: administrative shares (C$, D$ ...) are enabled
>> Security: anonymous user access is enabled
>> Security: sending Remote Assistant queries is enabled
>> Disable HDD autorun
>> Disable autorun from network drives
>> Disable CD/DVD autorun
>> Disable removable media autorun
>> Windows Explorer - show extensions of known file types
System Analysis in progress

System Analysis - complete

can someone please help me out?