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Logging Off Screen take 10 minutes to close

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    Logging Off Screen take 10 minutes to close

    My Logging Off screen is taking more than 10 minutes to close.
    Here is my Log:
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    Hello. As far as I can see, there is nothing harmful in your log. But I dare suggest several things.
    First of all you should check the event log ("System" and "Application" journals). I suppose you will find several errors there. Log records could take you an idea which programme causes such a stuck on turning your computer off.
    As far as I can see you also uses the "hosts" file as a filter. It's a way to protect your system, but not the best one. Besides many rows in the "hosts" file require some time from the network services to elaborate them (on the start as well as on the end of work). Try to replace your own "hosts" file with original one (it consists of the one row:
    Код:       localhost
    I also suggest you uninstalling Nortel VPN client for a time , if it's possible, of course, and check if the problem is gone.

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