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infection : impossible to install an antivirus

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    infection : impossible to install an antivirus

    Hello, my computer (win XP) suffer from different symptoms, and I am in search for some help.

    It started when i received a message from my AVG free v8.5 saying that my licence was over. Because it is a free antivirus I thought it was a bug, so I uninstalled it and tried to reinstall it. But starting from this point, each time I try yto unzip AVG after downloading, it says "file corrupted". I tried Avira Antivir, I succeded installing it, but the program freezed. I tryed online antivirus like kaperski on line or bitdefender or microsoft live1care : each time it failed, at a diffferent point.
    Basically, I think I have a virus which prevent me to use an antivirus.

    I finally succeded in installing a trial version of F-secure 2009, but when I scan my computer with it, it finds nothing suspicious at all.

    then , two days ago, my parents led the computer switched on all the day long. When I found it the day after, it was unabble to boot windows, even in safe mode : it was cycling trying to boot windows. So I used ChkDsk of the windows XP CD, and it allowed me to open windows XP again.

    Also a last symptom : some simple programs like accrobat reader, microsoft words, or internet explorer use to crash quite often.
    I attach the 3 logs .
    Please help me....
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    Hello, and sorry for so late answer.
    I've just looked at your logs and, to tell the truth, i've seen nothing definitely harmful in it. According your description the problem could have hardware origins, not software. So I suggest you to find a good service center and ask them to check your hardware (HDD, memory, and so on).
    If you think that the problem is in your software, then, please, execute the script:
    SearchRootkit(true, true);
    This script attempts to quarantine some suspicious files. It tries also to delete one service that, as far as i know, could be a trace of previous infections or your attempts to cure your pc with utilities like combo-fix, for example.
    After restart, upload quarantine via the link http://virusinfo.info/upload_virus_eng.php?tid=49118 and make new logs.

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