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    Spybot reports an infection of this trojan which it does not seem able to fix as it is reported again on reboot. The reported file is c\windows\ sys32\w32time.dll. This infection does not appear to have been picked up by Kaspersky 2008 or Webroot Spysweeper which I run.

    Any help gratefull received. Attached is avp log file.

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    I don't see in this log any w32time.dll , if you can find it on your computer- please make an zip archive with password : virus and send us http://virusinfo.info/upload_virus_eng.php?tid=37386
    virus analist from kaspersky lab will check it out
    What i see, is that you have an old version of kaspersky along with spysweeper and spybot.

    kaspersky isn't compatible with spybot, perhaps with spysweeper too- i don't remember.
    kaspersky have pretty good spyware protection, overlapping can bring just bugs, instability and issue that you did described.
    What you should do:
    1)go to offical kaspersky site and download the latest version
    2) disconnect from internet and uninstall your old kaspersky along with spysweeper and spybot
    4)install the latest version kis
    5) setup and use by default a Standard User account in your Vista.It is more effective than an antispyware overlapping that you have now.

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