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проверка фаервола

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    проверка фаервола

    Нашел еще одну сетевую проверку фаервола SecurityMetrics, результаты теста высылаются на мыло. Вот тест моего ZA:


    Here are your Port Scan test results from SecurityMetrics.

    SecurityMetrics offers a range of affordably priced security products and services.
    Ports Scanned: 22 ports out of 65,535 ports
    External IP: 195.91.164..
    Internal IP: unknown
    Connection Type: Router, Firewall, or Proxy
    Port Scan Duration: 3 seconds
    Date/Time: 06-18-2005 10:38:33 MST

    Use These Security Recommendations For Your Configuration

    You appear to have a router, firewall, or proxy (good), and you don't seem to have any open ports (also good). Unfortunately, most of your ports responded with closed instead of stealth (bad). If you have a firewall, consult your documentation on how to filter your ports. If you don't have a firewall, we recommend purchasing a firewall.

    We also recommend running a Desktop Check to analyze your computer for over 600 security weaknesses.

    If you are using an ISP or Corporate router or proxy, then you should tell your System Administrator if any weaknesses are found.

    Disable Ports/Programs

    Every program on your computer that accesses the Internet uses a port. Most of these programs have known security weaknesses. If possible disable any unnecessary programs or ports listed below to improve your computer security.

    Fix Open Ports
    Program Port How To Disable Description
    No open ports were found.

    I look forward to helping you in the future. The best way to secure your computer and safeguard your confidential data is to run a Desktop Check weekly.


    Ann Henry
    1358 W. Business Park Dr.
    Orem, Utah 84058


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