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Old trojan/virus makes a return after 6 mos.

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    Old trojan/virus makes a return after 6 mos.

    I thought this problem was gone for good, but it is back. I re-installed WinXP PRO sp2 a couple of days ago, but it did not solve problem. I have the DCOM off in services.msc, most ActiveX disabled, etc, but programs keep locking up(like dr.watson, debug), my avg anti-virus was uninstalled, can' t uninstall several programs(eg. real player, ms c ++), big time boot issue(thinks cd-rom is primary slave, which is false. have dvd on secondary master which it can't find) have to hit F4 to continue to boot up, also on wireless connection which is working now, but denial of service has been issue.
    Attached is virusinfo systemscan.zip.
    Please let me know if other reports are needed.
    Thank you in advanced.
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    I didn't find anything suspicious in this log, but it is better you follow the rules http://virusinfo.info/showthread.php?t=9184, scan your PC with CureIT! and the make the needed 3 logs according to the rules.
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