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TR/Agent.33302 a nasty bastard who will not disappear! :)

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    TR/Agent.33302 a nasty bastard who will not disappear! :)


    First I want to apologize because my english isnt the best one! I hope you will understand my Problem and your able to help.
    Since Yesterday I get a Trojan warning namend: TR/Agent.33302 which infected my PC specially the windows/system32 folder. My anti virus program (I use AntiVir) notifies me every time I open a program or internet page. It says the infected File is named: iifddab.dll but it isnt able to remove it.
    So i tried some other anti virus/spy program which also cant do anything about this nasty little bastard !
    In Fact I asked at a german helping Portal named: "Trojaner-Board" who told me to inform you about my problem.

    I create a logfile with highjackthis:

    Please read rules.

    I dont really understand what it says but Im sure you will ! Since I have this virus some unknown internet pages pop up though my popupblocker is enabled. I hope you can help me with that if there still exist some questions just post it and i will try to answer.

    Thx a lot Nokarion
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    Dear friend! In order to help you, we need logfiles of AVZ routine as well.
    Please, read the rules more carefully.

    P.S. The logfiles have to be attached to your message, but not posted as text.
    I am not young enough to know everything...

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