Reposting as earlier AVZ could not be updated and files could not be created.

1) One CD and One CDR disks written with Nero 7 from Two drives in my single system are rendered useless though Nero does not indicates any problems.
Win XP Explorer, Nero disk info tool in the main program fail to read these disks.The HDD light glows for a long time and the applications fail to respond and kind of get locked. CTRL-ALT-Del does not help. Ejecting the CD only can close the program.

2) I tried to Upgrade to Nero 9 from the OEM disk that came with DVD drive. After 87% of installation it "failed" stating an unknown error and removed all install files with progress bar going backwards..
After a reboot strangely the nero 9 was there installed in the system.

3) The files written and saved with WIN Word 2000 sometimes get disappeared and autosave feature seem to be failed- with message -Unable to save.I lost about a days work some 25 files.

4) In my Nokia Cellphone memory card using Bluesoleil software with a bluetooth plug write operations to memory card failed. files cannot be deleted, saved etc. When connected to PC through readerand watched the directory attribute turned as read only. I tried to reset the attribute & read only attribute could not be reset.

After 2 days it was all working OK. Later after a week when I tried to copy few songs to cell phone via bluetooth Bluesoleil the memory card folder got corrupted and could not be erased in cell and WIN explorer. A format of card inside cell only removed the folders.

5) I updated KIS from KIS 2010 to KIS 2011 15 days back. the new KIS 2011 program is failing and is sending the memory dumps to your site since I installed it sometimes.The KIS 2011 Application launch fails and protection not running can be seen in reports.

6) The KIS 2010 did not detected any activity with ASUS DVD player and WINRAR but KIS 2011 reports "PDM.keylogger" activity on application launch.
7) Earlier KIS 2010 detected a Trojan and skipped without deleting the object (a month ago) A rescan did not detect the object.
>> Thanks. T.Ramesh