This blog posting is the first in a series where I’ll describe the new features and improvements we’re making as we develop the Outpost Pro 2009 products, which are now going into beta. We’re encouraging everyone to get to know the new versions gradually, learning all aspects of what’s new and what’s better, so we can get your feedback as we develop the products. Many of the improvements in our products are suggested by our users, so you might find your idea in a future blog posts in this series. Look for new information about Outpost Pro 2009 here every Monday!

Many of the improvements involve the GUI and the overall ease-of-use of the products. The first aspect I’m going to write about is the new Network Activity window, whose goal is to provide you with real-time information about what’s going on inside and outside of your PC. Those of you who have used our products before will recognize the screenshots below.

Here’s how the Network Activity monitor screen looks like in Outpost Security Suite 2008:

Revamped Event Viewer
The second in our series of Outpost 2009-related updates covers the newly-redesigned log display. Interestingly, this is a rare example of reverse development - in Outpost 2009, we are implementing the same logs structure as we had in Outpost Firewall Pro 4.0, though on a new platform and with some significant improvements.

Current users of Outpost 2008, either the firewall or the suite, can track events in text format. This approach has its pluses and minuses – while it enables users to do more with the data, it’s also more complicated for users to do that extra work. You’ve told us in no uncertain terms that you prefer the old approach, displaying events in chart form.

Here’s the events viewer in Outpost 2008: