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Sharing knowledge

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    Sharing knowledge

    Ok, to share some more knowledge I have decided to share all of my security related rss subscriptions. You can easily import all of them with the attached opml file ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OPML ) in to your favorite feed reader (I use Google Reader http://www.google.com/reader To import the opml file in to it simple click on Settings->Import/Export->Import your subscriptions and enjoy ). I love to read and listen to this things so I hope you will enjoy and find it useful to. And if you have something you think we should add to this list please share it with us (knowledge is power)

    Here is the list of what is in the package:

    AudioParasitics - The Official Podcast of McAfee Avert Labs
    ESET RSS Feed - Podcasts
    Sophos Podcasts
    Symantec Customer Successes Podcasts
    Symantec Enterprise Podcasts
    Symantec Home & Home Office Podcasts
    Symantec IT Compliance Podcasts
    Symantec Security Response Podcasts
    Symantec Small & Mid-Sized Business Podcasts
    TWiT.TV - Podcasts you love from people you trust

    Active Virus Alerts
    ADD / XOR / ROL
    Anti Rootkit Blog
    Authentium Virus Blog
    Avira - Latest Security News
    BitDefender - Latest News
    F-Secure Antivirus Research Weblog
    F-Secure Linux weblog
    Google Online Security Blog
    hackers @ microsoft
    heise Security Articles
    heise Security News
    Hex blog
    iDefense Public Vulnerability Disclosures
    iDefense Topical Research Reports
    invisiblethings' blog
    Kasperky Lab Weblog
    Latest Secunia Security Watchdog Blog Entries
    McAfee Avert Labs Blog
    Offensive Computing - Community Malicious code research and analysis
    OpenRCE: Articles
    OpenRCE: Blogs
    Panda Research
    PandaLabs Blog
    Prevx Blog
    SANS Internet Storm Center
    Security Response Weblog
    Security.Nnov news channel
    SecurityFocus News
    Sophos security news
    SophosLabs blog
    TrendLabs | Anti-Malware Blog - by Trend Micro
    Uninformed Journal
    Websense Security Labs
    Websense Security Labs Blog
    Welcome to the Microsoft Security Response Center Blog!
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    Just a security fanatic

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