: Searching and uploading requested files

22.04.2007, 19:35
1. Search for the files using AVZ, not Windows Explorer or any other file manager. Run AVZ, go to Service - File Search.

2. If you have no results searching for the full path (like "c:\windows\system32\file.exe"), try searching for file name only ("file.exe" in the example above). Search like this should be performed at the system disk (where WINDOWS or WINNT folder is located).

3. If a file name search returns no result, try searching with a mask, adding an asterisk ("*") before the dot (".") - "file*.exe" according to the example above. This sort of search should be performed at the system disk in "Documents and Settings" folder.

4. All files found should be quarantined. To perform this operation check all files in the list and click the Copy selected files to Quarantine button.

5. Go to File - 'Quarantine' Folder Viewer, click the Archive button.

6. Upload the archive through http://virusinfo.info/upload_virus.php , putting the link to your thread in Help Me to the corresponding field. The link should have the "htt://virusinfo.info/showthread.php?t=" format.
In the case that you are completely unable to upload the file via the web page, you can send the file at [email protected], indicating in the message body the link to your thread in Help Me.

7. If you copy the files using not AVZ but some other program, then compress them to a *.rar or a *.zip container (do not forget to encrypt them with a password virus) and upload as described in point #6.

Never send duplicates!