Просмотр полной версии : AVG Removal

07.04.2010, 00:24
I am really concerned as I am currently exposed to viruses and I have recently been subjected to virus attacks. I would like to install Kaspersky for anti-virus protection. Until now I have used AVG but I had been encountering problems in updating it before deciding to change to Kaspersky. I have used the Kaspersky Virus Removal now on several occasions and I have found it be effective. However I have been unable to locate the LOG which may have provided you with further information regarding the viruses removed. My problem is that I am unable to completely remove AVG fgrom my computer. I have been advised that when I purchase Kaspersky and install it I will continue to encounter the same problem until I have completely removed AVG. I have used Kaspersky's AVG Removal Tool and I have followed directions from several forums. Is there any assistance from Kaspersky regarding this problem? Online? In Brisbane, Australia?? Will I need to communicate with AVG in respect of the removal of AVG? If so whom should I contact? I am really desperate for assistance. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

07.04.2010, 16:00
pls. look at the AVG-Homepage for removal tool: http://www.avg.com/en-en/download-tools