Просмотр полной версии : Live CD Vba32 Rescue 3.12.3 beta

sergey ulasen
22.10.2009, 15:40
VirusBlokAda Ltd. glads to offer you a new version of Vba32 Rescue Live CD 3.12.3 beta and invite you to participate in beta testing of our product.
Links to download:



The following features are implemented:

* boot from USB-drive

You can use three methods to create boot USB-drive:


1) Download and unpack tool:



2) Copy vbarescue-beta.iso to directory vbarescue_wintools;

3) Launch runme.bat and follow the instructions.


1) Download and unpack tool:



2) Copy vbarescue-beta.iso to directory vbarescue_linux;

3) Mount USB-drive with FAT file system;

4) Launch runme.sh and follow the instructions.

VBA32 Rescue

1) You can do it via the menu item.


Advantages: you can create boot USB-drive with FAT file system and use it to keep other information.

* media release

Mode vbarescue2ram was added in loader.


Advantages: you can use one image to cure many computers.

* create and use a swap file

The reason of creating a swap file was the need for media release, update and successful scan on a machine with insufficient RAM.

* support of network

You can configure it via the menu item.


* update scanner

You can run it via the menu item.

* utilites memtest, mhdd

You can run it via the menu item

* Languages: Russian / English / German / Belarusian

* ISO image 80 MB

* Requirements: CPU i586, RAM - 128MB;

* Supported file systems: NTFS, FAT, ext2, ext3, ext4, reiserfs, reiser4, btrfs

* Known problems

1) detection files in own Quarantine;

2) inability to cure files compressed on an NTFS file system.

You can send your feedback to beta[at]anti-virus.by or post it here.

sergey ulasen
04.11.2009, 13:55
VirusBlokAda Ltd. presents the next version of Vba32 Rescue beta:



+ Saving updated scanner to USB-drive

Next sequence of operations:

1. Load image into memory and media release;
2. Network configure;
3. Update scanner;
4. Create boot USB-drive.

As a result, image will be rewritten to the drive, from which it was loaded.

It is natural that it is not just one variant of using this feature. You can write updated scanner to new drive without media release etc.

It's all for this beta-version.

You can use it 8)

sergey ulasen
13.01.2010, 20:06
VirusBlokAda Ltd. released Vba32 Rescue



Vba32 Rescue advantages:

Free of charge
Fast bootup
Ability to scan with individual settings
Media release mode
Automatically configures the network environment
Ability to update without downloading full image
Ability to save updated image to the USB-drive
Ability to create bootable USB-drive in Windows, Linux and Vba32 Rescue environment
Contains mhdd and memtest utilities

14.01.2010, 10:00
You are the best!!! Thanks. :)