Просмотр полной версии : USB not working

23.01.2009, 00:01
I just don't know how to fix the "removable" disk drive problem. I bought this new flash drive and it beeps when plugged in, but it doesn't get found by Windows, meaning it doesn't show in Explorer, My Computer, disk management.

It works though, because a red led light turns on when plugged into the computer.

23.01.2009, 12:39
I don't see any malicious sign, so i did move your topic to this sub-forum.
In order to solve your problem you can try :
1)Insert a simple working disk on key from a friend - is it detected by your windows ?

2)windows update, for example : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/944292
3)go to bios(on the restart you will be able to enter there, read instruction of your motherboard) , maybe usb is disabled there
4) you can try these tips:

24.01.2009, 00:02
I do not use Windows vista, and inserting a disk did not work.

24.01.2009, 12:55
in XP perhaps this will help:
1.)Control Panel
4.)Device Manger
5.)Double Click USB Controllers
6.)Right Click on USB Root Hub
7.)Click Properties
8.)Power Mangement Tab
9.)Make sure the allow computer to turn of this device is not checked.

You can also try go to device manager and remove all USB ports, root hubs, etc. Reboot and see if Windows redetects them. If it does, the drivers should be automatically reinstalled.

here the similar problem http://forums.cnet.com/5208-7591_102-0.html?forumID=26&threadID=284368&messageID=2707145

Did you try insert some working ' disk on key '? Does windows detect it?

25.01.2009, 03:44
USB Mass Storage Device was not working properly. Uninstalled it, it reinstalled, and now it shows in explorer as G:

Also, all the the usb root hub drivers were set to save power!

26.01.2009, 11:53
I am glad to hear :)