Просмотр полной версии : OpenSolaris - Пополнение в рядах Open Source

24.06.2005, 10:19
Очень интересный проект в очередной раз затеяла SUN - ещё одна OS с открытым кодом - OpenSolaris (http://www.opensolaris.org/os/).

Здесь (http://portal.fsn.hu/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=9065&mode=nested&order=0&thold=0) можно посмотреть на скриншоты зарождающейся OS.

Project Overview
Our principles 1
The project will evolve in full view of the world. By opening our code, processes, documentation, and historical information to everyone, we offer a real opportunity for others to join our community and contribute from an equal footing. Technical information will be withheld if there are legal restrictions, never because it is incomplete or of poor quality.
We will be inclusive. Proposals will be evaluated based on technical merit and consistency with overarching design goals, constraints, and requirements.
We will be respectful and honest. Developers and users have the right to be treated with respect. We do not make ad hominem attacks, and we encourage constructive criticism. Our commitment to civil discourse allows new users and contributors with contrarian ideas an opportunity to be heard without intimidation.
Quality is always a top priority. The OpenSolaris project will continue the long tradition of quality engineering established by the Solaris Operating System (OS).
We are independent. Decisions within the project are made independently from those concerning Sun's business. Sun's management controls the business aspects of the Solaris product, but will not exert undue influence within the OpenSolaris community.
What is the OpenSolaris project?

The OpenSolaris project is an open source project sponsored by Sun Microsystems, Inc, that is initially based on a subset of the source code for the Solaris Operating System. It is a nexus for a community development effort where developers from Sun and elsewhere can collaborate on developing and improving operating system technology. The OpenSolaris source code will find a variety of uses, including being the basis for future versions of the Solaris OS product, other operating system projects, and third-party products and distributions.

Initially, the OpenSolaris project will provide the core kernel, libraries and commands that are currently distributed with the Solaris OS. Over time, it is expected that additional parts of the Solaris OS will be made available through the project.

The main difference between the OpenSolaris project and the Solaris Operating System is that the OpenSolaris project does not provide an end-user product or complete distribution. Instead it is an open source code base, build tools necessary for developing with the code, and an infrastructure for communicating and sharing related information. Support for the code will be provided by the community; Sun offers no formal support for the OpenSolaris product in either source or binary form.

The Solaris OS is Sun's operating system distribution and is branded, tested, maintained and supported as a Sun product. Future releases of the Solaris OS will be built from the OpenSolaris source code, but will still be supported in the same manner as current versions of the Solaris OS. At any given time, there may be some software in either the OpenSolaris project or the Solaris OS product that is not present in the other. However, over time the intent is to release as much of the existing source code as possible through the OpenSolaris project and for future development of the source to take place in the OpenSolaris community.
Getting involved

Communities are the primary way information and discussions on particular technology areas are focused. In the future, the website functionality will provide each community with the capability to host multiple projects, allowing the community to supply information common to all projects as well as the infrastructure to provide project-specific information.

Hopefully, efforts for and around the OpenSolaris project will continue to grow outside of this website. We're happy to point to community efforts like Blastwave.org, cuddletech, and Sunfreeware.com.

Discussions (mailing lists/forums) are the main communication mechanisms available to community members: you can participate in discussions with the entire OpenSolaris project or individual communities.

We've provided some links on the right-hand side of the page that we hope will get you to the right pages to join the community. Welcome!