: virus!!

27.06.2008, 12:49

i guess theres a virus on my computer that is hidden in C:/WINDOWS/system32/soundmix.exes and i cant delete it. i already tried to delete it by renaming two files in regedit but they changed their name once ive restarted. then the same old message appeared that this file is called from the following reg-key: HKLM/SOFTWARE/MIRCROSOFT/WINDOWS/current version/Run/"soundmix"

ive absolutely NO idea of handling computers, so can anyone help me, please?
and i dont have a clue how to attach a file for you that is hidden..?

senorita knalltuete

27.06.2008, 13:47
If you look for assistance here and you suspect that there is a virus on your computer then you should read the rules of "Help me!" section (http://virusinfo.info/showthread.php?t=9184) (oder hier (http://freenet-homepage.de/rene-gad/AVZ/AVZAnleitung.html) auf Deutsch ;)) and execute all the steps from there. We'll try to help, but we can do nothing without logs from your computer.