Просмотр полной версии : please help me- i can't fix this! thank you

24.06.2008, 07:39
my avz log file & hijack this attached; thank you.
sorry - it is telling me i don't have permissions to access that page. thank you anyway

24.06.2008, 08:29
Please follow our rules carefully http://virusinfo.info/showthread.php?t=9184, otherwise this topic will be closed ;)

24.06.2008, 08:40
very sorry, i tried to upload the logs but i do not know how- i tried several times. Please point me in the riht direction. Thank you in advance

24.06.2008, 08:52
Please read again rules. About how to attach- like always you do it in forums like this. You can read about it here: http://virusinfo.info/faq.php?faq=vb_read_and_post#faq_vb_attachment_exp lain

Click on Edit -> Go advanced in you last post, then simply click the [Manage Attachments] and you will see this option ;)

24.06.2008, 09:21
second try with attachments- thank you for your help

24.06.2008, 09:44
1. Pls. make all the temp-directories, cashe, recycler etc empty. Use CCleaner (http://www.ccleaner.com/) and/or ClearProg (http://www.clearprog.de/download.php?id=40).
2. Switch the system restore off
3. Re-Boot your PC
4. Switch your PC from network off
5. Switch your Antivirus off
6. Repead the both of log files.

24.06.2008, 17:25
thanks- i did all that- ( i don't have the system restore in windows 200, right?) here are the new files:
thank you for your help

24.06.2008, 17:35
i don't have the system restore in windows 200, right?Yepp, sorry, my mistake 8). I cannot find any malicious thing in your logs. Could you try to describe your problem?

26.06.2008, 22:00
hi again, i believe your virus rem oval tool neutralized the 59 virus/trojans/spyware that it found on my computer.
Some of my software is damaged now, but at least the computer works. Thank you so much!