Просмотр полной версии : services virus

06.05.2008, 12:15
i got a strange state on my PC, i think thats a virus.
when i start my pc, and want to login to my session an error message that tell me that c:\windows\system32\services.exe was aborted with error code :0 and a countdown of 01 minute start before the reboot of the PC. i tryed to access from safemode but that don't work.
can you help me ?

06.05.2008, 13:41
Try it: when you computer is login - start - run -
shutdown -a

06.05.2008, 13:58
i can't access to my desktop,just when i login my session the countdown start and its freezed in this step .

06.05.2008, 17:44
Can't you even access to your desktop in safe mode?

11.05.2008, 01:42
yes,no way to access to my desktop even in safe mode.

11.05.2008, 18:08
is there any antivirus who work under DOS, and bootable .

11.05.2008, 21:17
yes,no way to access to my desktop even in safe mode.

Do you have an installation CD for Windows XP?

12.05.2008, 12:49
no,i don't have the original installation CD for windows Xp.

03.06.2008, 17:35
after some search i found a tools called Mini Windows PE who give me hand to lunch the AVZ and the Hijackthis. i made a scan and i attached the logs file.
hope that you will can find the virus.

03.06.2008, 17:47
It's not really helpful, because we need to have a running AVZ from the infected system. You made the logs of CD-System and it's definitely clean :)