Просмотр полной версии : Rootkit? Can't seem to figure this out

29.04.2008, 06:29
I can't seem to pin down this problem. It appears to be creating a virtual drive.

29.04.2008, 08:31
Well, there is too much "anti" in your computer. It can cause instability, and finally could crash your hard. You should have one firewall, one antivirus+antyspyware. If you like, it could be in one product.
Virtual drive - it is because daemon tools, i saw it in your logs.
There is a problem in driver communication in avptool, i think because your "anti" company.
Please uninstall them all, and make a fresh logs with avz.

30.04.2008, 05:01
Thanks Drongo. I went through and thoroughly cleaned everything. Apparently my brother installed the Daemon tools lite on my PC and it wasn't visible in ADD/REMOVE. All appears clean now - just one thing is odd. All of my desktop icons that are links have the .lnk extension showing. The links work, but the extension being visible is irritating :P
Anyway, thanks for looking through my logs. You guys are life savers.