Просмотр полной версии : Feedback

17.03.2008, 11:58
Hi all,

this is the thread where you can leave your feedback about our service.

You've come here - possibly - in a difficult situation (a sad one, or on the edge of nervous breakdown - who knows), but still we are pleased by this fact. Certainly, not because we like to laugh at people who have problems, or something else like that - nothing of the kind.

We feel great because we were with you at this challenging moment of your life and did our best helping you. Maybe, having read our forum, asking questions and receiving answers, you improved your knowledge in computer security, and you will not come here again.

So, while you are still here, we need your opinions.

Was everything clear for you?

Did our method of malware removal suit you?

Have you found helpful materials here?

What is not enough and asks for improvement?

Overall we'd like to hear everything you would like to say. All are welcome - greetings and complaints, suggestions and critics, other forms of feedback.

Your opinion is important for us.

That's you who can help us improve our service!

12.07.2008, 15:51

I'm very pleased with your help, i need to thanks you all for this great "tool", and thanks to KPS...

Was everything clear for you?
Yes, it was, the computer was clean.

Did our method of malware removal suit you?
Yes, only take mutch time to get this clean, but that's ok.

Have you found helpful materials here?
I only knew hijackthis, the other tools were very good.

What is not enough and asks for improvement?
this was enough and very simple, and powerfull.

I'm gona recommend this for my friends, and i'm using this more often.
You are amazing!
Thanks again.

21.07.2008, 01:14

I am honestly amazed what you guys are doing here. There are probably thousands of creeps out there generating ten-thousands of pieces of malware every year - how do you manage it to keep track of all that crap and the way to get it out of the different systems from ME up to Vista. Unbelievable!

Thanks @kps, he did a wonderful job, my system seems to be clean again. The procedure was basically clear to me and kps guided me very patiently all the way. It was impressive.

The only improvement I could think of is to update "the rules" for vista - for example the procedure to switch off system recovery or the fact that the tools have to be executed via "run as administrator". Not knowing this was a little extra work for you and a little extra stress for me :)

I will keep reading here, there is a lot to learn.

It's good to know that you folks are out there.

Thanks for all your help!