Просмотр полной версии : Moderators wanted

23.02.2008, 17:56
Dear project participants, members, and guests!

We invite you to help us in developing the English forum by becoming section moderators.

Your tasks will be to

- follow the correctness of users' posts and threads: whether or not they correspond to the topic and destination of your section, whether or not they do not offend other members and do not break forum rules;

- find and post new interesting information for our visitors, organize discussions on topics related to your section etc.

If you feel that you can do it, please PM me. Remember mentioning the section you would like to lead.

25.02.2008, 00:43
At your service if you need an extra pair of hands ;)

21.01.2009, 23:50
Are you still in need?

22.01.2009, 09:02
Certainly. :)

28.01.2009, 08:38
How can I help?

28.01.2009, 11:42
Sent you a PM. Please check it for details. :)

22.07.2009, 08:20
Still in need of one?

22.07.2009, 11:23
Of more than one, I'd say. :) What subforums you would like to lead?

22.07.2009, 17:57
Can take Computer security: software and Internet security for beginners. Please also private message me duties list. Thanks

23.07.2009, 06:39
I can't private message you i am getting "You may only post 5 messages every 1440 minutes." However i only have used it once before not sure if its forum bug. I will try back tomorrow to private message you. Thanks

24.07.2009, 09:56
That is because you had applied for group membership: you have already "sent" 4 PMs to the group leaders. :)