Просмотр полной версии : Internet Security & Privacy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

18.02.2008, 22:09
* What is the "best" combination of Internet security and privacy services, hardware and software?
* What is the best way to install Internet security software and hardware?
* How do I uninstall a firewall?
* What is a personal firewall for?
* Do I need anti-virus and anti-trojan software? Yes, both.
* Does any combination of software and hardware provide complete security?
* Does personal firewall software give complete online security?
* Do I need a personal firewall?
* How do I know if personal firewalls work?
* What are my firewall choices?
* How many firewall software choices do I have for Windows? See our software page.
* How many software choices are there for Macintosh? There are several, see our Macintosh page.
* Is the Windows XP firewall enough?
* What does a router (hardware) do?
* What are my router choices?
* What is the difference between a router with firewall features and a hardware firewall?
* What is the best firewall choice?
* I want to install a home or SOHO network, should I use networking software or a router?
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