Просмотр полной версии : new

24.12.2007, 13:28
can you please explan more

24.12.2007, 14:08

nothing suspicious that I can see.

What problems do you experience and why have you decided to ask for help?

24.12.2007, 15:39
some times i have proplems in downloading from internet so i was afraid that my kaspersky might not detect some viruses (i am noy an expert in such things)

24.12.2007, 17:17
If Web Antivirus checks the traffic of the application that you use to download files, it may cause network slowdown, or files may be corrupted. If you use some download manager, I would advise you adding it to Trusted Zone of your Kaspersky product. Check the option "Do not check network traffic" if you do it.

24.12.2007, 20:09
Try visit for Microsoft Windowsupdate, 2 week ago Microsoft release hot fix for IE w/bugs.
New hotfix already available on Windowsupdate.