Просмотр полной версии : Would you use an antimalware from company "A" ?

14.12.2007, 21:59
Dear visitors and participants of the project, i just simply want to know what do you think about it ;)
Here is a simple case:

There's some Company, lets call it "A", which makes both malware and anti-malware at the same time.
*The antimalware from this company is 100% malware free !
*You need badly some anti-malware (doesn't matter free or not)
Here's the question:
Would you use an anti-malware released by "A" company?

15.12.2007, 01:18
I really would not trust it

Ultima Weapon
15.12.2007, 16:16
No way, I dont trust company a!!!

17.12.2007, 16:23
theres a popular rumour that viruses are written by anti-virus companies... That's why they are always detecting and healing them...

17.12.2007, 23:39
rumours, rumours
But you'll never know

16.07.2011, 08:43

Никита Соловьев
16.07.2011, 20:38
Info_bot, You're alive? :)