Просмотр полной версии : AVZ 4.29 Update Error

13.12.2007, 18:54
When trying to run an update from the "File" menu, using On-line automatic update, and using z-oleg.com as the source, I get the following Error message:

Automatic update error - Error loading control file avzupd.zip - file is damaged or incorrect

When running the automatic update from virusinfo as the source, there is no error, and also when running the update from the Auto Update icon on the start page, there is also no error.


13.12.2007, 19:43
Looks like Olegs site is down - use virusinfo.info mirror...

13.12.2007, 20:14
No issues with the site, everything seems to be OK -- I did the update using http://z-oleg.com/secur/avz_up/ about ten minutes ago, it worked like a charm...

13.12.2007, 20:34
OK for people who live in Russia. For others it's Server Error 503.

13.12.2007, 22:31
I have tried several times to update via z-oleg, and on one occasion I managed to do so. I have had no problem updating via virusinfo, so have given users the option that if an error occurs, to use virusinfo.

14.12.2007, 08:24
Both z-oleg.com and virusinfo.info have the same set of a/v databases, so you may use virusinfo.info as a main source quite freely...

14.12.2007, 15:12
z-oleg.com is not hosted at a dedicated server, so due to a huge number of users it may sometimes reject connection. :) We have a dedicated hosting, so using us as an update source is even more preferrable. :)