Просмотр полной версии : Bitdefender Antivirus 2008

Ultima Weapon
29.11.2007, 15:25
I now testing a trial of Bitdefender Antivirus 2008 to see how it fares against the others.

It ranks third now according to AV-TEST Nov Results just next to webwasher & G-data.
Any Bitdefender Antivirus 2008 users here?

29.11.2007, 20:35
You are testing a lot. How many Pc's do you have?

Ultima Weapon
29.11.2007, 21:44
I have 3 pc.. 2 desktop & one laptop, eqach has differnet av in it. Actually a lot since some customers come to my repair shop to complain that their computers has a virus. So I installed many antivirus to disinfect & also run virustotal & virscan.org on some suspicious files that have been detected.;)

29.11.2007, 21:50
Did you use AVZ as well to help cure them?

Ultima Weapon
29.11.2007, 21:53
Did you use AVZ as well to help cure them?
Actually no, never use that before. Im curious about it. Is it a antivirus like kaspersky or bitdefender or either antiviral tookit? Where do I get it by the way?

29.11.2007, 21:59
Over here at this forum. Forum forum is hosted by these special people

05.12.2007, 04:37
i woukd love to use bitdefender total 8 but i don't have full ver. i try until yestarday but i am back to kaspersky. if i got real key which can work it would be bitdefender.


05.12.2007, 08:23
I don't know if you know any German?

Here is a free key