Просмотр полной версии : ASAP Membership

26.11.2007, 15:06
Dear colleagues, project participants and visitors!

VirusInfo is extremely proud to announce its membership in Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals, ASAP.

The name of the portal will soon be included to the official list of ASAP members.

ASAP Membership is a great honour for us. It shows the excellent quality of our services and of our site as a whole. The development of our English section will be given an additional impulse.

About ASAP

ASAP stands for the Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals.

ASAP started out as a small band of security support sites under siege, but has expanded rapidly to include the "Best of the Best" the Internet Security Community has to offer.

ASAP is made up of internet security oriented website and forum owners, administrators, and staff, as well as individuals, companies, and various organizations also dedicated to providing security related support to computer end users.

ASAP is a joint effort dedicated to assisting end users with as seamless a process as possible by using methods such as cross-referrals, multiple product support services, easy information access, and cross referencing with verification.

ASAP's goals are:

To ensure a high standard and quality of security support no matter where you seek help.
To recommend in an equal and fair manner products available to keep your computer clean and safe, regardless of pricing.
To ensure that end users are not affected by so called "product wars" and unfair marketing tactics, which have plagued several industries in recent years.
ASAP ensures that quality support and assistance will be freely available - knock one of the support networks out and another will pick it up immediately. In addition, pooled resources permit the ability to provide support redundancy, thereby adding an additional layer of protection against Internet based threats.

If you see the ASAP logo or banner used by a website, bulletin board, or individual, you can be assured that you're getting the best support and assistance possible, as the combined efforts of all ASAP members are involved in helping everyone, and ASAP won't give up until your important investment is safe and clean.

ASAP is a non-profit, volunteer network.


26.11.2007, 18:26
Congratulations and, without a doubt:

. . . It shows the excellent quality of our services and of our site as a whole.

26.11.2007, 19:15
Hello again, Corrine, and welcome on board. Thank you for your kind greetings. :)

27.11.2007, 05:02
It was a pleasant surprise to see the application for ASAP. Keep up the good work everybody !

27.11.2007, 09:36
Well done
Keep on going

Ultima Weapon
27.11.2007, 15:41
Congratulations to Virus Info. It is a great site & we members should do our best to make it even better!!!

28.11.2007, 17:26
Good news :)

Well done Vinfo!

28.11.2007, 17:35
Hi NickGolovko, Corrine, Rorschach112, Sjoeii, Ultima Weapon, MAPKOBKA^^, hi everyone,

Keep up the good job!:good:

:rose-2:a Russian rose for Corrine!

28.11.2007, 21:07
Hello ipl_001,

I see you've registered OK :) Welcome on board. :)

28.11.2007, 23:57
Hi Gerard, Corrine

Nice to meet you both :)

Me and my big mouth have finally made the journey to Vinfo, so hopefully I can help wake up the English section a bit :D

29.11.2007, 00:31
Hi ipl_001


30.11.2007, 05:35
Congratulations! :048:

30.11.2007, 23:01
Hi Nick, MAPKOBKA^^, Sjoeii, hi everyone,

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Nice to see you here tashi! :)

04.12.2007, 20:24
Congratulations!!! :beer:

El Piedra.

07.12.2007, 11:03
Congratulations and welcome to ASAP. Well deserved. :)

Hi everyone.

08.12.2007, 19:27
Congratulations, and well deserved!


11.12.2007, 19:19
Congrats Nick and the whole team