Просмотр полной версии : Malware distribution subforum

24.11.2007, 19:37
I have had an idea....

Don't know if it is a good one or not, leave that up to you to decide.

Seeing as this forum deals with security issues, and helping disinfect machines, does it not make sense to have a subforum where recovered malware samples are posted (attachments can only be viewed by moderators etc) and then periodically sent out to the antivirus companies to help get these things detected?

Any thoughts/comments on that idea?

25.11.2007, 00:01
Well, we do have a place for a malware, where users share with us their suspected files. This web-service make an automatic uploading to kaspersky lab and some others antivirus labs. From kaspersky we have an automatic reply: is there a malware or not. In this service we haven't a forum, maybe in the next version ...If you and others be so kind to vote for us (please push on the red button and click only on the number 5 ->http://www.eaward.ru/images/eaward_knopka2.gif (http://www.eaward.ru/listprojs.php?what=work&cat=1&proj=2038) ) we all do our best to hire some brilliant and expensive web-coders ;) So please, do it at least every day ;)

25.11.2007, 09:49
Such subforum is available for participants of VirusInfo Collegiate Program. You may find its description in this very section or in Announcements on our site. The subforum is called Discussing Malware and can be used for this purpose, too. :)