Просмотр полной версии : The Best Firewall in your opinion to all members.

Ultima Weapon
22.11.2007, 14:55
Comodo Firewall Pro Version 3 is the ultimate firewall. It has these feature that some are unique to it namely =Network firewall, Registry Firewall, CPU firewall, & File firewall. Comodo has always top the matoussec firewall leak test except for nov 2007 when its version 2.4 got beaten finally by Agnitum Outpost Pro & Online Armor. But Comodo Firewall Version 3 just got released, so all firewall vendors have a lot of catching up to do!!!!!!! ;)
PS: It happened before when version 2.4 got released so "HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF".

Comodo has earned its placed in the history books as the " THE KING OF FIREWALLS"


28.11.2007, 15:45
Have to choose Kaspersky because it is in my suite. Otherwise I believe Outpost is doing some great things