Просмотр полной версии : TR/Agent.33302 a nasty bastard who will not disappear! :)

13.06.2007, 18:20

First I want to apologize because my english isnt the best one! I hope you will understand my Problem and your able to help. :)
Since Yesterday I get a Trojan warning namend: TR/Agent.33302 which infected my PC specially the windows/system32 folder. My anti virus program (I use AntiVir) notifies me every time I open a program or internet page. It says the infected File is named: iifddab.dll but it isnt able to remove it.
So i tried some other anti virus/spy program which also cant do anything about this nasty little bastard :)!
In Fact I asked at a german helping Portal named: "Trojaner-Board" who told me to inform you about my problem.

I create a logfile with highjackthis:

Please read rules.

I dont really understand what it says but Im sure you will :)! Since I have this virus some unknown internet pages pop up though my popupblocker is enabled. I hope you can help me with that if there still exist some questions just post it and i will try to answer.

Thx a lot Nokarion

13.06.2007, 18:33
Dear friend! In order to help you, we need logfiles of AVZ routine as well.
Please, read the rules (http://virusinfo.info/showthread.php?t=9184)more carefully.

P.S. The logfiles have to be attached to your message, but not posted as text.