Просмотр полной версии : FAQ

  1. How to correct HOSTS-file?
  2. How to "Fix in HijackThis"
  3. Executing script in AVZ
  4. Searching and uploading requested files
  5. How to boot in Safe Mode ?
  6. Making a screenshot
  7. Using The Avenger
  8. Disabling SpyBot TeaTimer
  9. If your site is infected
  10. If all your CD and DVD drives are not visible
  11. Discussion
  12. After removing spyware you lose your Internet connection
  13. Getting rid of unsolicited sites in Internet Explorer settings
  14. Disabling hidden shared resources (C$, ADMIN$, etc)
  15. Disabling special hidden shared resource IPC$
  16. CD/DVD autorun. What's dangerous and how to disable it?
  17. General information about restoring Internet connection
  18. Neutralising and deleting malicious files
  19. Disabling Messenger Service popups
  20. Removing Look2Me and other Winlogon trojans
  21. How to remove Symantec products correctly
  22. Removing Trust Cleaner and TrustIn
  23. After malware removal your drives cannot be opened
  24. Restoring Internet Explorer
  25. How to shutdown avast! antivirus
  26. Supplementary AVZ logfiles in Safe Mode
  27. Internet Security & Privacy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  28. How to remove Bonjour Service
  29. How to make a log with antirootkit GMER
  30. Removing rootkits with RootRepeal
  31. How to make a log with Vba32 AntiRootkit?