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  1. Burning Water/Cancer cure.
  2. Free software, open-source groups skeptical of Microsoft's interoperability efforts
  3. New 504 TFLOPS supercomputer tackling mysteries of the universe
  4. Judge OKs suit over 'Vista Capable'
  5. RealNetworks Buys TryMedia
  6. Microsoft Pushes Open XML as Standard
  7. First Look: Windows Server 2008[b][/b]
  8. Sony Games Head Resigns
  9. Rogue Packets Stalk Windows Vista, XP
  10. Linux generals command Windows grunts in botnet battlefield
  11. Microsoft expands scope of Home Server corruption bug
  12. Sun completes MySQL acquisition in 6 weeks
  13. Price cuts don't get to heart of Vista's problems, says analyst
  14. You're Not Alone: Microsoft Execs Struggled with Vista
  15. Dell pointed out Microsoft's Vista mistakes, internal docs show
  16. Weak ISO support for changes to Open XML throws shadow over final approval
  17. Intel Announces Atom Brand for Silverthorne, Menlow
  18. iPhone may get Exchange support, says analyst
  19. Motion Computing unveils rugged tablet PC
  20. Global Dispatches
  21. Nokia smartphones to turn on Microsoft's Silverlight
  22. Zend PHP to run on Windows Server 2008
  23. New TomTom GPS Units Use Real-World Speed Data
  24. "Green" building windows can block cell signals
  25. Language packs delay Vista Ultimate SP1
  26. Microsoft Develops New Operating System From Scratch
  27. Microsoft Releases Silverlight 2 Beta
  28. In Pictures: Microsoft exposes its research efforts
  29. Intel to deliver six-core Xeon processor this year
  30. Four critical Microsoft Office patches loom
  31. Companies should look to SaaS for security
  32. Archiware upgrades enterprise backup system
  33. Microsoft urges users to check Windows DST
  34. Sun to build virtual machine for iPhone
  35. Security still a concern for business use of iPhone 2.0, analysts say
  36. Notebook Sales Get a Boost from Retailers
  37. IE8 balks at Windows Update
  38. Microsoft challenges 'Vista Capable' class action
  39. Mozilla unleashes Firefox 3 Beta 4
  40. IT managers wary of virtual servers
  41. Microsoft retreats over Vista virtualisation
  42. Intel confirms 160GB solid-state drives will be unveiled soon
  43. Microsoft patches a dozen bugs in Office
  44. E-health consortium hopes second time is the charm for patient data repository plan
  45. Motorola launches 802.11n-capable switch and access point
  46. Microsoft delivers first update for Mac Office 2008
  47. Mozilla speeds up Firefox
  48. Windows 7 eyed by antitrust regulators
  49. Red Hat beta-tests latest enterprise Linux version
  50. Lawsuit could force RIAA to reveal investigation techniques
  51. Report: Microsoft, Yahoo enter tentative discussion
  52. Arcot brings two-factor authentication to Google Apps
  53. Adobe executive leaves for equity firm
  54. Intel to deliver quad-core chips for notebooks
  55. King of Spam pleads guilty; faces 26 years in prison
  56. Vista SP1 to hit Windows Update Tuesday, reports say
  57. Eclipse starts work on better component-based runtime
  58. HP launches smaller Halo telepresence system
  59. Microsoft, Amazon confirm Vista SP1 to be available Tuesday
  60. Mobile Internet boom imminent, study says
  61. Microsoft, Eclipse finally playing nice. What's it mean for developers?
  62. Chinese Internet censorship code of conduct in the works
  63. Veritas upgrades Windows storage management software
  64. Apple issues mega-monster security update
  65. Microsoft releases feature-complete Hyper-V code
  66. VMware set to make admin less boring
  67. Cyber attacks target pro-Tibetan groups
  68. Microsoft offers free support for Vista SP1 installs
  69. Google tells FCC of 'white space' airwave plans
  70. AJAX-powered Web apps disappoint power users, Forrester says
  71. Intel launches energy-efficient quad-core Xeon chips
  72. Update: Microsoft admits it knew about, didn't patch, bugs
  73. Hacker gets 3 years for 911 hoax
  74. Oracle offers clustering for Linux
  75. New mashup app links BI data and Google Maps
  76. Free utility slipstreams SP1 with Vista, builds integrated install DVDs
  77. IBM fine-tunes model for disaster management
  78. Link spammers go on social networking rampage
  79. Mozilla launches final Firefox 3.0 beta
  80. Ubuntu Linux 8.04 final release set for April 24
  81. ISO confirms approval of OOXML, gives two months to appeal
  82. Apple patches 11 QuickTime bugs in year's third update
  83. Psst! Wanna save $110 on Windows Vista SP1?
  84. Microsoft to patch Vista SP1, Server 2008 next week
  85. Google introduces new 'Go' programming language