Просмотр полной версии : Computer security news

  1. Hacker group releases automated 'Google hacking' tool
  2. Hackers ramp up Facebook, MySpace attacks
  3. Logins for 8,700 FTP servers found on sale
  4. Q&A: Evans says feds steaming ahead on cybersecurity plan, but with privacy in mind
  5. Vendors jostle to support NAP
  6. Criminals automate security testing
  7. Teen Hacker Accused of Unleashing $20 Million Botnet
  8. Vendors mull security software for Mac OS X
  9. The MonaRonaDona Extortion Scam
  10. First mobile Trojan downloader discovered
  11. Simple SNMP scans yield network data
  12. Windows hacked in seconds via Firewire
  13. 'Mebroot' proving hard to weed out
  14. Norton AntiVirus Dual Protection for Mac debuts
  15. Security must evolve, CERT official says
  16. Judge rules against accused spyware distributor
  17. On the Mark: Keep city traffic flowing
  18. Q&A: A stick of RAM, a can of air, and wow
  19. Q&A: Howard Schmidt talks about privacy, Chinese hackers and background checks
  20. Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for March 2008
  21. Infected Excel Files Exploit Known Hole
  22. First Trojan for I-Phone
  23. SQL injection Attack-patch available but...
  24. Remote Code Execution Flaw
  25. Botnet farmers play the international exchange game
  26. Japanese malware author admits guilt
  27. Microsoft sounds bug alarm, confirms Windows-Word attacks
  28. Neosploit Updated with Exploit
  29. Badware Alert: XP Antivirus 2008
  30. Massive iFrame continues to hit top sites
  31. Global Dispatches: U.K. police propose e-crime unit
  32. Apple lags MS in security response
  33. Storm Worms exploit April Fools
  34. Trend, Sophos and McAfee flunk Vista SP1 anti-virus tests
  35. Check Point makes it safe to surf for porn
  36. Top Infected Address Space Name and IP Numbers for March 2008
  37. Email Attack Targeting Microsoft's April Security Bulletin Release Cycle
  38. New Massive Botnet Twice the Size of Storm
  39. Attack Technique: File Download Injection
  40. Security Improvements in IE8
  41. Revision on Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for April 2008
  42. Fujitsu's New HD/ AES encryption 256 bit
  43. CastleCops closed.
  44. Kidonet. The end.
  45. Researcher hacks just-launched IE8
  46. Researchers unveil persistent BIOS attack methods
  47. Cyber-criminals targeting social networks: experts
  48. Microsoft OneCare was 'good enough'
  49. help
  50. Adobe fixes vulnerability in Photoshop Elements
  51. A More 'Human' Koobface, a More Dangerous Facebook
  52. Kaspersky: Google Hack Takes Spotlight From Russia
  53. Safe`n`Sec Personal has shown a 100% efficiency in AV Comparatives Single Product Review.
  54. SafenSoft Collects “Best Performance” Award from Russia’s Hard`n`Soft magazine
  55. SafenSoft launches US channel program, introductory specials